The purpose of the refrigerated doors is to provide access to the refrigerated chamber and to seal off this access perfectly. There are different types of doors for different areas, which means that we can adapt to our needs. We can choose between service or transit refrigerated doors. Also fire doors, sliding or automated doors. In any case, the choice of the door depends on the space available in the cold room. It will also depend on the product that we have to store, all are elements to be taken into account.

Refrigerated doors are chosen according to our needs

In order to select the right refrigerator door, you must have a very clear idea of how the company works. We can choose the one that suits us best for the business, not the one we like best. Refrigerated doors can be pivot, sliding or swing doors. The louvred curtains are also in the same category, so you can find them all in the Congela online shop.

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