Refrigeration units are thermal machines for cooling any space that has been set aside for this purpose. All refrigerated rooms must have refrigeration equipment to converse or freeze the products located in this space. There are different types of refrigeration equipment such as compact equipment and broken equipment. In compact refrigeration units, there are wall or floor cooling units, which can be combined with each other. Split cooling units are also floor or wall mounted.

Refrigeration equipment is the heart of the refrigeration chamber

These refrigeration units are the essential part for the proper functioning of a refrigeration chamber. They have to be able to maintain the right temperature for the products and to do so continuously and effectively. A refrigeration unit is installed in a strategic position and reinforced in larger chambers. We recommend that the installation of refrigeration equipment be carried out by a professional in the sector and we offer this service. At Congela we offer equipment of the best brands and with guarantees of excellent performance.

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