Compact Monoblock Centrifugal Wall Refrigerating Unit


The compact monoblock refrigeration unit centrifugal wall is a unit for cold rooms and vertical mounting.  This unit is recommended for rooms where there is a wall with free space on the outside of the chamber. Its installation is simple and safe.


The compact monoblock centrifugal wall refrigerating unit includes all the necessary elements for its correct operation. The unit is assembled at the factory to facilitate its assembly and make it as easy as possible.

A drain is not necessary. The equipment must be electrically powered at 230w single-phase or 400w three-phase, depending on the model. It is specially designed to be mounted indoors since it incorporates a centrifugal fan in the condenser to extract the hot air to the outside.

The compact monoblock wall refrigerators are delivered in 7 working days, except in cases where there is stock shortage within the Peninsula. For shipments to Balearic Islands, Canary Islands and outside Spain, will be priced to measure and delivery time may vary. For shipments outside Spain, companies can self-manage the collection of the product with Ex-Works conditions.

The equipment must be installed on the wall and not on the ceiling. A hole must be made in the camera panel with a jigsaw or sabre saw, as indicated in the equipment manual. One part of the equipment will remain inside and the other part outside the cold room. The outside must be in a well ventilated space. A duct must be integrated from the outlet of the unit to the outside of the enclosure to facilitate the exit of hot air.

In case of selecting the installation, we will contact you to agree the dates and time required with our professional.  If you have not selected the installation you can contact us for direct advice

If you have any questions about product information or are not sure about the purchase you want to make, send us your query and we will respond as soon as possible.