Locked Man Alarm


The locked man alarm is used for freezing chambers. This accessory is used to notify that a person has been locked in. It consists of an acoustic signal and a visual signal, making it possible to receive it over long distances.



The locked man alarm consists of a control unit on the outside of the cold room, with an acoustic and luminous signal. The alarm is activated by a pushbutton, previously installed inside the chamber. It is powered by 230Vac 50/60hz and its consumption is 20mA. It has an additional battery that is activated in case of electrical failure, allowing its operation during 14h. The degree of protection of the control unit is IP 43.

It is possible to use the auxiliary relay, which is free for the desired use. This contact closes with the alarm activated, being 8A AC1.

The locked man alarm is delivered in 7 working days, except in cases of stock breakage within the Peninsula. For shipments to Balearic Islands, Canary Islands and outside Spain, will be priced to measure and delivery time may vary. For shipments outside Spain, companies can self-manage the collection of the product with Ex-Works conditions.

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